Cindy has climbed the ranks to become Team Lead here at Click. She’s never lost her friendly personality! Here is her story:


Thom : How did you discover marketing as a vocation?


Cindy : Actually, before getting into Marketing, I was involved in communications. That’s how everything started. What attracted me were the creatives, and getting the right message across to the right people, at the right time. 

However,  you quickly realize that communication is nothing without marketing. At the end of the day, when you start researching, you realize that it’s all tied together and quickly find yourself in the world of marketing.

I think that Communication is great when thinking about the message, etc. That said, it’s with the marketing efforts that you’ll be able to push the right message to the right people, at the right time thanks to your targeted audiences and the right channel.

That’s sort of how this whole thought-process came to me.

It’s also true that my studies helped guide me towards digital marketing. That’s because, when I started my studies, digital marketing was growing quickly and everyone was starting to talk about it. I got dragged in with the current.

It’s been a natural and progessive process, I’d say. I started with communications and with all the buzz around digital marketing, it was obvious that I wanted to get involved. I thought there was a lot of innovation, everything moves fast: I was intrigued by it all. I was really excited to get into it.

Honestly, when I started, over several stages, getting more and more involved in everything, I remember telling myself: “Okay, I am made for this, I’m comfortable in this industry, I want to keep going”. That’s how it all came together. What I appreciate as well, and this is something that reassures me, is the fact that this is an environment in which things move fast. There is always something new. Every year, there is a newer and better way of doing things, new trends, new platforms, etc. 

Everything is constantly evolving. I find it incredibly exciting and it’s how, to this day, I know I made the right decision. 

T : Marvelous! And so, what’s the story of how you got started with Click?

C : For me, it’s closely tied to the fact that I moved to Montreal. When I was still in France, I had tested out the advertising side of things and I had worked for companies tasked with implementation of digital strategies. 

I worked with a lot of agencies and was always drawn to the possibility of working at an agency. I thought it all looked so exciting! Unfortunately, I wouldn’t have had the opportunities back in France. I had gotten into other things, so when I moved to Montreal, it was an opportunity to start anew. I thought it may be the right time to get into the agency side of things. 

That’s when I started doing some research and came across Click. I’d gotten to know Gab (Gabriel Tassé, Click’s Co-Founder) and Alex (Alex Bigras-Lauzon., Associate & Performance Director) and everything moved forward super fluidly and that’s how I got started with Click.

I started officially as a Marketing Specialist. That meant being involved with the implementation of strategies – which was something I was comfortable with. I liked it! It’s what I knew. But from there, more and more, I was starting to think about potentially undertaking a Team Lead role. As soon as I arrived at Click, I had this goal in mind because I had had a chance to work with Team Leads from agencies back in France and was always attracted to that type of work and I saw myself working towards that goal. 

Honestly, the whole process has been a breeze. I worked a year as a Marketing Specialist to get a feel for the type of work Click does and to get used to our clients. I really enjoy the client relation aspect of our job. So it wasn’t only the next logical step for me to undertake the Team Lead role. That’s basically how everything started at Click!

T : I remember when they announced that you were becoming a Team Lead. I remember thinking what an obvious move that was!

C : Yes, that’s what a lot of people have said. “We couldn’t see anyone else but you taking on that Team Lead role”. Ultimately, it was all very natural! To be fair, as soon as I joined Click, everything I did, my way of doing things were always tailored to one day becoming Team Lead. So from the start, I had put myself in that hypothetical role too because that’s where I was heading.

T : What part of your job are you most passionate about?

C : Since I’ve become Team Lead, I think the thing I love most and make me the proudest is really the human aspect between our team and our clients. To put the right people in touch to reach a common goal and make sure the client is happy with the outcome. 

What I also really love is the fact we get to work on so many different problems. We work with different clients, with different goals, and different personalities. You never get bored. You’re always moving on from one topic to another, from one client to another. That’s something I really enjoy about what I do because you’re always doing something new. 

Then there are new clients that we take on, with new contracts, new mandates, etc. 

Something I’m really proud of is when it’s all said and done and the client is happy! Being able to be the middle person and liaising the right people, I think that’s really cool!

T : My next question is directly related to the theme of our interview: what has been your experience as a woman in this industry?

C : I’d say I’ve had a great experience in the digital marketing industry since I’ve been with Click. There’s this clear goal of putting women at the forefront of what we do to get our ideas, our input, etc. 

For example, since I’ve been with Click, I feel super involved in what I do and feel like my ideas are heard and respected. We also highly value women’s personal growth within the company. I feel this genuine sense of equality which is greatly appreciated.

Of course, as we continue to grow and move forward, my wish would be to be able to pay it forward as soon as I have the opportunity: to continue to listen to them, uplifting them, and always favor them.

This was an opportunity I was provided with at Click and I want others to be able to benefit from that. It’s something that is super important. Honestly, I’m super grateful to work at Click because I believe that women are genuinely treated as equals.

I really don’t think that it’s the case everywhere. That’s why I’m so grateful to work at a place where I truly feel listened to and respected.

T : Thank you so much! And let’s say, if you had one wish over the next 5-10 years, what would it be?

C : It would be to avoid all limits, all barriers, and to have confidence in myself to move forward in life. That would be my biggest wish. To trust myself and to keep this sense of curiosity of mine. I am someone who likes novelty, who likes discovering things: I worked for a company before, now I’m in an agency: I’ve evolved and I’ve grown.

I want to keep going and tell myself that if there’s a will, there’s a way. That’s the key, you can have anything you want if you’re prepared to work for it!

T : Wow! I wish you the best of luck on your journey!

C : Thank you!

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