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About Us

Click & Mortar was founded in 2016 in Montreal, Quebec. We entered the market with youthful energy and enthusiasm. However, we quickly discovered a lack of transparency from various agencies, and the digital marketing industry as a whole, allowing us to naturally position our offering accordingly.

Our mission has always been to make Quebec the world capital of digital marketing. Over the last few years, we’ve had a chance to work with some amazing companies and truly incredible people. We’ve honed our skills and perfected our craft.

We’re proud to help ambitious organizations in Montreal and its surroundings realize their full digital potential.

Our Team

Above all else, we’ve built our team around cultural fit. This meant looking above and beyond professional experience when hiring. As a result, we’re now not only staffed with incredibly talented people who love what they do, but with players who work incredibly well as a team! That being said, to get optimal marketing results, you need more than Google Ads experts, Digital Strategists, and amazing Graphic Designers. You need a team that focuses its strengths on a single objective: exceeding your expectations. At Click & Mortar, we work for your business as though it was our own.

Our Accounts

We’ve had an opportunity to work with hundreds of clients since our inception, helping them with a variety of digital marketing needs. We’ve helped clients in a wide range of different industries such as food and dairy like Saputo, residential real estate like Groupe Devimco, and Accounting and Insolvency trustees Raymond Chabot. Whatever your business goals are, and whatever industry you’re in, we can help take you to the next level.


The truth is, digital marketing agencies and advertising agencies in Montreal tend to focus solely on the implementation and optimization of their marketing campaigns while underestimating the creative and data needs in the market. That’s why we’ve structured our service offering into four departments to optimize the value we bring to our clients every single day.

We are convinced that this new optimized service offering will make us the go-to Digital Marketing Agency in Montreal as a one-stop-shop solution.


Performance Department

Our Performance Department ensures the constant optimization of our various campaigns’ performance.


Creativity Department

Our Creativity Department is staffed with Copywriters and Graphic Designers who focus on the creative elements of the marketing campaigns.


Data Department

Our Data Department is tasked with the analysis and engineering of business data on which we seek to base our decision-making on.


Management Department

Our Management Department is responsible for making sure that the agency’s objectives along with those of our clients are being met.


With our expertise, our tools, and our versatile team, we’re here to help you not only meet but exceed your web objectives. We combine our areas of expertise in performance, creativity, and data to bring and create as much value as possible for you and your business. From strategy, through implementation, to constant optimization, our team is there to help you every step of the way. Take a look at the services we offer:

  • Our team provides holistic long-term strategies for your digital ecosystem.
  • We help transform your website into a conversion machine by optimizing your User Experience (UX), your website’s conversion flow, and implement a remarketing plan.
  • Online Traffic Acquisition is an art. Luckily, our team will complete an SEO audit for you, choose the right keywords for your Search Engine Marketing, and target the right potential customers through your Social Media Marketing.
  • Once you’ve acquired your clientele, we can help ensure client retention. Our Email Marketing, Chatbot and Customer Relationship Management tools will help you improve brand loyalty.
  • In keeping with our core values, we make sure that you can visualize and understand your data. We make the data clear for you through accessible dashboards and our expertise in tracking allows you to understand which ads to show and where for optimal results.


Our team of experts
is here for you!