Our excellence comes from our differences

Creativity, performance and data combine to create value for you!

To get optimal marketing results, you’ll need more than Google Ads experts, digital strategists or amazing graphic designers. You’ll need a team that combines all those strengths and many others under a single objective: exceeding your expectations. We work towards reaching your objectives as though they were our own by combining our expertise in performance, creativity, and data to bring you as much value as possible.

Olivier J. Bergeron

Founding Partner - Management and AdministrationManagement

A Jacques Cartier of modern times, Oli explores new acquisition channels.

Gabriel Tassé

Founding Partner - Management and AdministrationManagement

If digital marketing were a sport, Gab would be an olympic athlete.

Anastasia S.B.

Managing Partner & Team Leader - Management and AdministrationTeam OUF

Known as the person whose lunch bunch is better organized than many people's lives, Ana is our shining star in project management.

Rehka Lacombe

Finance, Talent, and Culture Manager - Management and AdministrationManagement

As a lover of medieval role-playing games, Rehka is a finance warrior and a wizard of company culture!

Cloé Despessailles

Human Resources Intern - Management and AdministrationManagement

To acquire an event organizer worthy of its events’ reputation, Click had to unroot Cloé from the golden beaches of South West France. But when she grasped the magnitude of the opportunity, Cloé one-gulped her sangria pitcher and hopped on a flight to Montreal. 

Alex Bigras-Lauzon

Managing Partner & Performance Director - Performance DepartmentManagement

People dream of winning a million, becoming famous or an astronaut... Alex, however, dreams of going from Mailchimp to Active Campaign.

Eliot Ostiguy

Professor - Performance DepartmentManagement

When he's not composing music, Eliot is a true search and social media marketing pro!

Maxime Orven

Team Leader - Performance DepartmentTeam Rocket

Whether he's setting up a Google Ads campaign or climbing a mountain, Max reaches the peak thanks to his diligence and efficiency.

Laurance Giguère

Digital Performance Specialist - Performance DepartmentTeam Rocket

Surfer, outdoor lover, weekend warrior, Laurance will make your campaigns thrive thanks to a healthy dose of Vitamin Sea.

Louis Ringlé

Digital Performance Specialist - Performance DepartmentTeam Rocket

As a great cyclist and mountain biker, Louis knows how to make your ads roll like no other!

Jacob Hernandez-Bélanger

Digital Performance Specialist - Performance DepartmentSweet Team

Our in-house public relations expert, Jacob’s persuasion talents translate into optimized campaign performances.

David Desmarais

Digital Performance Specialist - Performance DepartmentTeam Rocket

A true jack-of-all-trades, David uses his creative talents to optimize your digital campaigns' performances.

Salma Douzi

Digital Performance Analyst - Performance DepartmentTeam OUF

Having studied E-Commerce for her Masters at HEC Montreal, Salma ensures conversions at every stage of the sales funnel.

Laurence Carbonneau

Digital Performance Analyst - Performance DepartmentTeam OUF

At work, Laurence is: dedicated, ready to help you with your most ambitious projects, and an insatiable perfectionist. For proof: she revised the adjectives in the preceding enumeration thirteen times and still isn’t satisfied. 

Apolline Longeon

Digital Performance Assistant-Analyst - Performance DepartmentTeam OUF

There’s l’effet papillon, whose wing flap in California causes a tornado in Montreal; then there’s l’effet Apolline, whose ad campaigns in Montreal snowball all the way to California.

Pascale Primeau

Digital Performance Assistant-Analyst - Performance DepartmentTeam OUF

Whether on the Wii or on client accounts, Pascal’s intrinsically competitive nature cannot tolerate defeat. Very good news for her clients; bad news for the two halves of her Mario Kart Wii CD, the collateral victim of a most humiliating silver medal at a crucial race. 

Geneviève V. Bérubé

Creative Director - Creativity DepartmentTeam Thunder

There are times to be serious and times to have fun. Thank God, Gen can multitask and do both!

Samantha Pagé

Lead Designer - Creativity DepartmentTeam Thunder

The reigning champ in the 2005 Quebec games in the Pictionary category, Sam speaks RVB and CMJN fluently.

Christophe Hamel

Digital Creativity Strategist - Creativity DepartmentTeam OUF

We wanted to write a description for Chris but nothing can do justice to his copywriting skills.

Fanny Bargès

Digital Creativity Specialist - Creativity DepartmentSweet Team

Trained in literature and design, Fanny is unbeatable at Pictionary and creates the digital campaigns of your dreams!

Julie Perronnet

Digital Creativity Specialist - Creativity DepartmentTeam Rocket

With her passion for to-do lists and her boundless creativity, Julie creates Facebook and Instagram posts that win people over!

Théo garnier

Digital Creativity Analyst - Creativity DepartmentSweet Team

As an apostle of all things digital, Théo is our internal resource when it comes to Web 3.0 and the world of cryptocurrency.

Maude Sauriol

Digital Creativity Analyst - Creativity DepartmentTeam OUF

As a true SMM expert, Maude's personal Instagram account is actually a business account.


Graphic Designer - Creativity DepartmentTeam Thunder

Although she has a passion for old expressions, Laurie-Anne creates innovative visuals that resonate with your customers!

Hackim Déry

Web Developer - Creativity DepartmentTeam Thunder

A true digital artist, Hackim will turn your website into an absolute work of art.

Mikaël Perreault

Team Leader - Data DepartmentTeam Data

Data can run, but it cannot hide from Mik. Our Rocket Scientist and his army of Data Scientists will take your analysis capabilities to infinity and beyond.

Kevin Tin

Digital Marketing and Data Analyst - Data DepartmentTeam Data

As a cooperative board game enthusiast, Kevin is the ultimate team player and a creative problem solver.

Clémence Bobin

Data Analyst - Data DepartmentTeam Data

As an avid roadtripper and explorer, Clémence was destined for the twists and turns of data tracking.

Hugo Massoumi Pour

Assistant-Data Analyst - Data DepartmentTeam Data

As a gifted pianist, Hugo uses his technical and creative skills to solve your tracking challenges.

Sacha Benadiba

Assistant-Data Analyst - Data DepartmentTeam Data

Modestly nicknamed the “young genius” when he started at Click, Sacha does it all: he paints, dabbles in art, and has a keen interest in fashion. He tried one time to not excel at something. He failed miserably. 

William Moss

Assistant-Data Analyst - Data DepartmentTeam Data

After dominating the university soccer league in Trois-Rivières, William now works on the digital playground at Click, where his talent with analytics helps the team as much as his passes did back on the synthetic astroturf.


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