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Online Traffic Acquisition

Acquiring new visitors on your website will have a favorable impact on your revenue, but at what price? For us, traffic acquisition should always be done while keeping profitability in mind. We’ve self-diagnosed as having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder when it comes to reducing cost per acquisition, and we’re living at peace with it so far!

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Visitor Conversion

Having a high visitor traffic rate won’t translate into sales if your website isn’t organized like a conversion tool. Now you’re thinking: “how am I supposed to convince people to convert? I haven’t had to convince anyone since my team debates in high school!” No need to panic, our rigorous AB testing methodologies are the key to conversion.

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Client Retention

Ensuring your clients’ loyalty is a powerful way to ensure your growth. What’s less certain is: what’s the way to do it? We have many techniques to boost your clients’ loyalty, but whether they use email marketing or ads, two themes are dominant: personalization and respecting your clients.

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Data Visualization

What’s the true beauty of digital marketing? Our results are quantifiable. The flip side is that you need to know what information to analyze and how. In a world that stumbles under the weight of raw data, we create visualization tools that get straight to the point. A statistic without an interpretation is a soup without a spoon: we interpret your results with pedagogy so that you can eat your soup perfectly.

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Strategy and digital ecosystem

By starting from your business objectives, we establish the best road to reach them. We then find the best racing cars to reach your destination. In this age where there are more tech tools than there are potholes in Montreal, our goal is to pilot the machines best adapted to your ambitions.

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Data Science

What’ll be your competitive advantage in 10 years? There’s a good chance it’ll be in exploiting your data. In marketing, data science allows us to understand conversion attributions better, to plan a media budget and segment your audience better. Meet our team of engineers and dive into the business world of tomorrow!

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