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The basis of your relationship with your customers is your recognition of their history with you

How can you use this history to make them long-term customers? Three letters: CRM!

CRM consists in making your customers feel valued by using your data about their experience with your company to customize the service you offer them. It’s like meeting a childhood friend and realizing that after all this time, you still remember the things you had in common! Good CRM can approximate this kind of feeling in the customer by making them live an experience that keeps track of their history with your business. It can be as simple as sending recommendations of similar products to customers after their purchases. For example, after having read The Hobbit, one has to read The Lord of the Rings! The goal of these kinds of practices is ultimately to improve your business relationship with your customers.

CRM to make your customers stay with you

Obviously, the more you make your customers feel you’re accompanying them in their consumer journey, the more they’ll want to prolong this journey with you. In other words, the more your customers realize you take note of their loyalty and reward it with exclusive offers, the more they’ll want to extend that loyalty. That’s the magic of CRM, and the really good news is: we’re CRM magicians!

CRM System: think long term

Investing in CRM is essential if you want to think long-term. The technology of a CRM system will allow you to improve your marketing by stocking your customers’ data to send them relevant ads. It will also allow you to improve your customer service by recording your customers’ experiences. Leave to our experts the trouble of configuring your CRM marketing to optimize your results!

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Every time you interact with a customer, you treat them like a new customer. Your uncle Roland is sad that your employees didn’t recognize him!


Your CRM system allows you to offer your customers products they didn’t even know about, and now they love them!

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The Click & Mortar way

A formula that works for all types of businesses!

1. Technological expertise

Thanks to our experts, you’ll know exactly what kind of CRM system to use and how to use it. Say goodbye to your worries!

2. CRM Marketing

Having the right system is one thing, but knowing how to use the data and functionalities of your system to boost your marketing, that’s another thing! Good thing our experts are pros in both domains!

3. Transparency and training

Throughout the process of optimizing your CRM, we keep you informed about what we’re implementing and how to use it.

Some frequently asked questions

Our answers to your questions.

How will you calculate the ROI of a CRM system?

A good CRM implies having a good way of tracking conversions! We’ll be able to measure the revenue generated by the CRM automations and also understand better how the other channels are performing.

Will I be able to use the CRM system without your help?

That is our ultimate objective. There’s a famous saying that goes: teach a man to fish and he’ll eat smoked salmon forever!

Will I have a level of control over the implementation of the CRM system?

Control is a mild way of putting it. You’ll be involved from A to Z, without it becoming an additional workload for you.

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