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Our beginnings

Two students meeting in an online business class and founding a digital marketing agency the next month, is that the new Disney love fairy tale? Nope, it’s actually the story of Click & Mortar! These days, our team of superstars has worked with over a hundred businesses and developed its own web marketing methodologies. As Usain Bolt would say, things are going fast!

Our realization

We entered the industry with the energy and eagerness of youth. Quickly, we discovered the mistrust that reigns in the web industry, mainly due to the dishonesty and lack of transparency of some players. The world of digital marketing is complex, and we prefer to explain this complexity to our clients rather than use it to make short term profits.

Our values

The offer presented on this website is full of that desire for integrity. Our clients’ success comes through pedagogy and collaboration, without which our avant-garde techniques and efforts become less effective. Every business should be able to taste the potential of online marketing but more importantly, to understand properly the means to realize their potential.

Our Markets

Although we are proudly based in Québec, the power of the internet allows us to provide an international clientele a glimpse into their digital potential.

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Our future

We want to make Quebec into the world capital of digital marketing, both in terms of the experts here and in terms of our businesses leading by example. Our vision of the future is a collective ascension. The only question worth asking is: do you want to be part of our journey?




Digital Marketing


1. Click and Mortar is a business model that combines online and offline sales channels to facilitate the shopping experience. As such, “mortar” refers to the physical act of shopping and “click” refers to the online activity.

2. Digital marketing agency founded in 2016 in Montreal that manages the digital marketing campaigns of ambitious organizations.

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