Did you know...

… 99% of the Click team doesn’t complain in the morning? That’s right, not even the late riser on the team.
If you’re wondering how we manage that, keep scrolling!

Sounds like your dream job?

Because we love to order Indian food, because we’ll invite you to our world-renowned 5-to-7 parties, but especially, because we offer a stimulating and dynamic work environment where you can fully express your creativity and even your wackier side (if you have one). It’s thanks to our fulfilling projects and funny company culture that we have such a solid team. No one even complains on Winter Mondays, seriously!

Our job openings

What’s more your style?

Digital performance specialist

Digital creativity specialist


Data Scientist


Our experts have adventurous and creative minds that will make you discover new opportunities and distinguish yourself from your competitors.


Every decision made by our experts is based on tests and data: from your targeted campaign audience to the Emoji placed in your ad copy!


While the normal millenial watches a show or a movie, the Click & Mortar expert listens to a podcast to stay up-to-date with the domain’s innovations.


The contagious energy of our experts flows into your campaigns, your relationship with the digital universe and your results.

Our values resonate with you?

Our clients are family

No delays, no uselessness. We get it done, that’s it, that’s all.

It's incredible how much we care about company culture!

Join the gang!

Whether it’s with our Slack channels dedicated to our musical and culinary discoveries or with our Click playlists, we create bonds beyond work performance.

Our transparent and welcoming company culture means you’ll always know our objectives for the trimester. Oh, also! You can expect a few suprises for your birthday…

The Click team is made for those who want to end their weekend with that feeling of hype you get when you know you’ll talk about Big Brother with your colleagues on Monday! No kidding: we have the screenshots to prove it!

Our departments and clubs

To develop yourself and find your way!

Your first big Click club choice is between the Performance, Creativity or Data departments. Can’t choose? No worries: you can sit in on multiple meetings to find out what’s best for you!

Beyond performance, we’ve got tons of options for those who want to get more involved in the team. Organization’s in your blood? Then you’re destined for the Social Club! You love discovering new marketing tools? The R & D club is full of people with the same interests!

Our ultimate goal is to create an environment where we work together well, of course, but also where we grow together by reinforcing each other’s strenghths.

So, are you ready to apply?