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You’re investing to get visitors

Might as well make sure they take action!

Any commercial website has two main functions: informing your visitors about your solutions and converting them into clients. However, having a high visitor traffic rate won’t translate into sales if your website isn’t organized like a conversion tool. Now you’re thinking: “how am I supposed to convince people to convert? I haven’t had to convince anyone since my team debates in high school!” No need to panic: Click is here for you.



User experience

Whether you’re a black belt in web design or you think “convert” is a Latin verb, we’ve got the expertise to allow you to optimize your visitors’ conversion. Our method is centered on the notion of the user experience: to have a good conversion rate, your website needs to present a flawless user experience, be it in the website navigation, the accessibility of the content or its relevance. Our quantitative analyses allow us to identify potential friction factors in the website and our qualitative analyses allow us to explain these obstacles to conversion.




One crucial element of improving conversion is to master the customer journey of your “warm” audience. A good remarketing strategy can have a powerful effect on a site’s global conversion rate.

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Our experts have adventurous and creative minds that will make you discover new opportunities and distinguish yourself from your competitors.


Every decision made by our experts is based on tests and data: from your targeted campaign audience to the Emoji placed in your ad copy!


While the normal millenial watches a show or a movie, the Click & Mortar expert listens to a podcast to stay up-to-date with the domain’s innovations.


The contagious energy of our experts flows into your campaigns, your relationship with the digital universe and your results.


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