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Is it possible to be more efficient while doing less tasks yourself?

Yep! By automating your marketing!

Marketing automation is the most beautiful invention motivated by laziness since the dishwasher. The idea is to create content once (email or ad) and to automate the delivery of that content according to precise triggers (ex: add to cart, clicking on a button and much more). With such a methodology, you’ll be able to generate loyalty from your customers while on autopilot! But be careful: that doesn’t mean you won’t need expertise to optimize the automation.

Marketing automation to make sure you don’t forget your customers!

Let’s imagine that a potential customer adds an item to their cart without fulfilling their purchase. It would be really hard to target these kinds of clients manually every single time and to manually send them emails telling them to complete their purchase. Thanks to marketing automation, these kinds of reminders happen automatically, which greatly enhances the odds of your customers finalizing their purchases. This way, marketing automation increases not only your sales, but also your customers’ satisfaction rates, because they like seeing that you care about their online experience and they’re often grateful for your reminders. These are the kind of methods our experts love putting in place for you!

An attentive and reactive customer service

Marketing automation is an incomparable tool to offer cutting edge customer service. Why? Because by creating precise automations, you’re able to guide your customers towards the best possible purchase experience every step of their interaction with your solution. For example, when a customer spends time on a certain kind of article, marketing automation allows you to suggest similar articles to them by email to prolong their buying experience.

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Jonathan visits your website to buy clothes, but forgets to complete his transaction. A few days later, he buys clothes in a Downtown store on a whim: you just lost a sale opportunity.


Click’s experts set up high-level marketing automation for you, so that when Louise (Jonathan’s sister) forgets to complete her transaction on your website, you send her not only a reminder but also suggestions of purchases that may interest her. Louise ends up buying twice as many clothes as planned: everyone’s happy!

Still not convinced?

The Click & Mortar way

A formula that works for all types of businesses!

1. Technological expertise

Our experts know marketing automation from A to Z! Whatever your situation, we’ll find the best configuration for you!

2. Better ROI

Thanks to marketing automation, the time when your ROI wasn’t optimised is over!

3. Transparency and training

You’ll know about every automation process we apply to optimise your campaigns and you’ll be consulted during the conception of those campaigns.

Some frequently asked questions

Our answers to your questions.

Will I be able to configure marketing automation by myself after you put it in place?

That is our ultimate goal. You know what they say: teach a person to fish and they’ll be eating smoked salmon until the end of times!

What’s the difference between marketing automation and CRM?

Good question! In fact, MA is a sub-category of CRM. It’s a tool that allows us to take advantage of the data compiled in our CRM. MA and CRM is the best duo since Key and Peele!

What’s the difference between email marketing and marketing automation?

Another good question! In this case, it’s the opposite: email marketing is an important communication medium for marketing automation. Everything is in everything!

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