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To convert as well as possible, it’s not enough to just make surface modifications on your website.

You also need to change its architecture!

Your conversion flow doesn’t come from nowhere, it comes from your conversion tunnels, meaning your website’s entry links. For example, it could be your blog or your products page. To optimize your website’s conversion, these tunnels are what we analyze, as well as the visitors coming through them.

Audit: conversion tunnels analysis

Most of the time, when we analyze your website’s conversion tunnels, we realize there are certain sections of the tunnel which many people leave the site when they get to. These sections, which we call drop points, are precisely the ones we’ll help you improve thanks to our audit. By analyzing your pages with conversion tools, we’re able to tell you precisely what your visitors’ experience looks like in these sections.

Audit: visitor experience analysis in drop points

Thanks to tools like Hotjar, we’re able to tell you what’s less efficient for converting visitors on your page: for example, it could be a simple misplaced button or an overly timid color. In the Hotjar interface, we have access to a lot of data about the experience of visitors on your website: where exactly they place their mouse, how long they leave it there, etc. Consequently, we’re able to tell you where people “drop out” of your website and what to do to fix the situation.

Our services

We’re a hardworking team obsessed with fulfilling our clients’ objectives using our contagious energy!


Your potential clients don’t perceive your button to fill in a survey because it’s at the bottom of your page and it’s fushia… On a fushia background!


After receiving our audit, you’ve moved your button towards the top of the page and made it green. Green on fushia, no one can miss that!

Still not convinced?

The Click & Mortar way

A formula that works for all types of businesses!

1. Technological expertise

Our experts know how to use Hotjar and other softwares to make a precise and complete diagnosis of your conversion tunnels’ shortcomings.

2. We maximize your ROI

Investing in your conversion tunnels’ optimization means securing a source of reliable future revenue for yourself. More conversions equal more sales!

3. Transparency and training

Our audit contains the full results of our analysis. We also make sure to explain to you in detail which modifications should be applied on your website, so that you’re able to make them happen after the audit.

The billion-dollar question

And our 2 billion-dollar answer!

Will you tell me how to apply the suggestions of your audit, or will I need additional help to apply them?

Depending on the recommendations, they can be addressed to different parties. However, we are clever enough to understand the different members of your team and address our advice to the right people. We consider ourselves the Cupids of web conversion!

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