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If you could obtain 96% open rates on your emails, would you do it?

We can already guess your answer!

96%: that’s currently the average open rate of mass messages sent via Facebook Messenger. But be careful! With great power comes great responsibility, including the responsibility to avoid being “spammy” and to deliver a word-of-mouth inducing chatbot experience that’s gamified. In fact, 92% of consumers worldwide say they trust viral media like word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends or family. Social media’s therefore become a key source of information which is often at the basis of a buying decision. That’s why now more than ever, it’s important for you to have good chatbots!

Your chatbot as a link to your clients

It’s important that you make sure to program your chatbots with care: a helpful, versatile and instructive chatbot will allow your clients to obtain the information they want on your solutions while making them feel in control of their experience. To keep your clients coming, a welcoming and endearing chatbot is a key resource: if you make your clients feel as though they’re Batman and your chatbot is their Alfred welcoming them into the manor, they won’t want to leave the manor!

A differentiated customer service

Since you have control of what your chatbots say, you can create a unique customer experience by using language that sets you apart from your competition. Differentiating yourself is the best way to make a good impression on your clients and make sure they’ll remember you. Leave the task of communicating with your clients to our experts: we know chatbots like the back of our hands!

Our services

We’re a hardworking team obsessed with fulfilling our clients’ objectives using our contagious energy!


Having to answer all of your clients’ messages one by one, which prevents you from focusing on what you excel in.


All your communications are handled by a chatbot optimised by our experts. Yep, it’s as simple as that!

Still not convinced?

The Click & Mortar way

A formula that works for all types of businesses!

1. No more stress

The time when managing your social media was ANOTHER stressful task you had to accomplish is over. Click and the chatbots are coming to your rescue!

2. Take advantage of an external point of view

Our experts conceive the tone and replies of the chatbot by employing a neutral tone and an unbiased view of your industry. We’re as neutral as we can be without being chatbots ourselves!

3. Transparency and training

Of course, you’ll always have the last word on the chatbot’s replies and its programming. You don’t like a certain sentence or the chosen tone? No problem!

Some frequently asked questions

Our answers to your questions.

Are all the chatbot’s automatic responses up to us?

Absolutely! We use conditional mechanics which give you full control on the chatbot’s responses according to the conditions you define in advance. For example: if the client clicks on A, you want to give them the response 1, while if they clicks on B, you want to give them the response 2? That kind of control is certainly available: we’ll make your expectations a reality!

Does using a chatbot risk alienating clients?

This is where it becomes important to work with a team that has managed multiple different chatbots. Used badly, these can become very unpleasant for your audience. However, with the right balance between the tone and the sending frequency, it’s possible to get closer to your market without becoming spam! Indeed, the data collected so far suggests that a funny and personal chatbot makes clients feel closer to companies. Basically, you need to aim for R2-D2 more than HAL 9000!

How will you calculate the ROI of a chatbot?

Unlike for an ad, it’s hard to calculate the ROI of a chabot because there are many intangible factors at play. However, one of the tangible and profitable advantages of a chatbot is that it helps you build a Messenger list similar to an email list, which means you can get in contact with your clients without investing in advertisement! Add to that the fact that the open rate for chatbot messages on Messenger is 96% and you’ll see that the return on investment opportunities are gigantic!

How can you guarantee that my chatbot won’t become conscious and start a plan of world domination?

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that! But even if the worst happens, don’t worry: we’ll just contact Arnold Schwarzenegger on Twitter and he’ll take care of it!

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