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Your content is your voice.

To sell and convert, your voice needs to be rich and memorable!

If you had to post the same Facebook publication (for example, a video of your baby kitten!) as a business and as a person, you would see your business post have a much lesser impact than your personal post! The reason for this difference is that business pages have less visibility on people’s timelines, given that they need to compete with other businesses. In such circumstances, and with higher and higher expectations from your subscribers, it’s essential for you to stand out with quality content! Your baby kitten needs to be extra cute!

We’ve got the recipe

Our experts have the secret recipe to position your content on social media: we call it Content Strategy. This recipe is about elaborating an action plan that will guide you through the different communication channels available, your segments and the ideal timing to execute your strategies. With Click, your content is in good hands!

Shaping your voice

We work hard to deliver a document which lists the good and bad practices in your industry, the profiles of your user personas, strategies to reach them and capture their attention on social media and, especially, tons of content ideas. In other words, we provide you with the script, all that remains is for you to make your voice heard by your clients.

Our services

We’re a hardworking team obsessed with fulfilling our clients’ objectives using our contagious energy!


Your page constantly gets drowned out by your competitors on Facebook.


Differentiate yourself with a content strategy that applies in the long term, that adapts itself to your brand and your subscribers’ tastes. Optimise your voice!

Still not convinced?

The Click & Mortar way

A formula that works for all types of businesses!

1. You will be differentiated

You’ll have the entire Click & Mortar brigade establishing a content strategy for your business. We’ll spy on your competitors to make sure that your content is different as well as pertinent. Hiring us is like hiring James Bond, but from Quebec instead of England!

2. Improve your SEO

Content quality is one of the most important criteria used by search engines to determine the SEO quality score of a website. With rich and pertinent content, search engines will prioritize you!

3. Transparency and training

When we create a content strategy, we show you a complete document, including our methodology and the proper tools to facilitate the implementation stage for you. In short, we work for you and, ultimately, with you!

Some frequently asked questions

Our answers to your questions.

As a client, how should I get involved in the development of a content strategy?

Giving us access to the data of the platforms you use (Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, etc.) is essential for us to analyse your current situation, identify your opportunities and establish the best strategy for you. Also, all of your suggestions are welcome! You know about your main competitors? You have ideas that could be integrated into the strategy? We’re listening!

How long does the strategy take?

At Click & Mortar, we adapt to your needs and your industry. We could integrate your strategy from A to Z, while we could also let you control certain aspects of the campaign. Therefore, the time the strategy takes can vary a lot. In any case, we work together with the goal of reaching your objectives.

When and how will I be billed?

Our rates are billed automatically every month starting from the day of the first payment, and this always includes an option to cancel with a 30-days notice. Enjoy the peace of mind! After all, stress is so 2002!

Our clients are family

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Our team of experts
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