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How can you optimize your campaigns without visualizing your data?

Answer: it’s impossible!

Data is the be-all-end-all of digital marketing: at Click & Mortar, we even have many rituals during which we pray to the Data Gods. Jokes aside, it’s essential for you to be able to understand which data analyze amidst the sea of information. It’s also essential for you to be able to interpret that data to know what it means and the actions it suggests taking. Fortunately, you won’t have to follow any sort of special training to interpret your data: Click will take care of it for you and will present your data to you in an easy-to-understand way.



Data Analysis

Sending you a copy of our brute marketing data would be counter-productive. That’s why we offer you a data analysis service: we transmit your data to you already interpreted and analyzed… By an actual human being. Yep, artificial intelligence hasn’t totally replaced us yet.




This service represents the summum of our capacity to make your data intuitive and easy to transform into enlightened decisions. After having met you to establish your key marketing objectives, we create a dashboard for you that’s customized and intuitive and allows you to visualize your data in a few seconds. Thanks to our dashboard, you can know exactly how much your campaigns have reached your objectives and how to optimize them even more. This dashboard is an interactive tool, so it allows you to navigate your results by yourself and so, to be in control of your campaign overview data.




Tracking consists in following your clients’ clicks on your website to figure out the digital path taken by them. Once you learn your most important contact points, it becomes much easier to improve your solution’s purchase experience!

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Data Analysis

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Our experts have adventurous and creative minds that will make you discover new opportunities and distinguish yourself from your competitors.


Every decision made by our experts is based on tests and data: from your targeted campaign audience to the Emoji placed in your ad copy!


While the normal millenial watches a show or a movie, the Click & Mortar expert listens to a podcast to stay up-to-date with the domain’s innovations.


The contagious energy of our experts flows into your campaigns, your relationship with the digital universe and your results.


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