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Choosing the right digital strategy will unlock your true potential.

Click & Mortar will help you choose your strategy.

Not all strategies are good for all companies. Every company has different goals and resources, so strategies need to be conceived accordingly. There are two types of strategies we can help you elaborate: your digital strategy and your content strategy. Even though these two types are different, they share the same goal: optimizing your digital presence. Indeed, your strategies are like your grandmother’s apple pie recipe: they lead to a delicious  result!



Digital strategy

The elaboration of your digital strategy consists in identifying the best tools and the best approaches to adopt according to your company and its goals, then creating a long-term plan. Nothing escapes this kind of plan, from acquisition to retention with conversion in between.



Content strategy

Social media offers diverse tools. It’s hard to position yourself adequately on it, but don’t worry: our experts have the recipe, and they call it content strategy. It consists in doing an analysis of your market to elaborate an action plan that stretches over many months. The plan guides you amongst the many available communication channels, your segments and the ideal content and timing to execute your strategies. Our rigorous method will give you access to a document telling you what is done well and what is done badly in your industry, the profile of your personas, strategies to reach them and get their attention on social media and, especially, content ideas by the dozen.



Tech Stack Evaluation and Optimization

Without the right tools, even the best builder couldn’t nail a painting to a wall. Since we want to paint the most beautiful portrait of your digital strategy, we in marketing also need the most effective toolkit possible. Whether it’s an email marketing tool, a live-chat or website customization tool, we’ll help you find your match!

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Our experts have adventurous and creative minds that will make you discover new opportunities and distinguish yourself from your competitors.


Every decision made by our experts is based on tests and data: from your targeted campaign audience to the Emoji placed in your ad copy!


While the normal millenial watches a show or a movie, the Click & Mortar expert listens to a podcast to stay up-to-date with the domain’s innovations.


The contagious energy of our experts flows into your campaigns, your relationship with the digital universe and your results.


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