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Question: which format has the highest average ROI, email or social media?

Answer: email!

Email is the king of marketing ROI. It’s as simple as that. What makes this option such a powerful tool?

We contact your clients during key moments

Email marketing allows you to react automatically to the most important moments of the customer experience. For example, imagine a person goes on your website and abandons their shopping cart. Think you’ve lost a client? Think again! It’s possible to contact this person via email. Add a small incentive and you’ve made a sale! And this is only the beginning. Email marketing also allows you to guide the user experience by sending links by email: for example, when a client publishes a positive description of their experience on your site, why not send them an email suggesting to publish it on your Facebook page also?

We humanize your brand and educate your clients

By sending customized newsletters written in a personal format, you give a human face to your brand, which increases your clients’ levels of engagement. Receiving an email from a contact called “Business Inc” is hardly engaging. On the other hand, receiving an email from a representative called “Joe” will probably make you want to open the email. Newsletters also allow you to educate your clients about your solutions by teaching them the value of those solutions and by keeping them in the loop when you release new ones. That’s right: doing marketing is almost like teaching! Here’s hoping your clients won’t be troublemakers like many youngsters in school. Still: an educated and up-to-date client is a client who’s ready to buy.

Our services

We’re a hardworking team obsessed with fulfilling our clients’ objectives using our contagious energy!


Crossing your fingers and hoping that your client doesn’t forget to come back to their cart to buy their chocolate donuts.


Automating your website so that this same client receives a truly heroic email reminding them that their delicious donuts are waiting for them in their cart. Can you hear that noise? That’s the sound of your client clicking on “checkout” while already savoring their donuts mentally!

Still not convinced?

The Click & Mortar way

A formula that works for all types of businesses!

1. Precise targeting

It’s possible to segment your recipients. This allows you to create personalized offers and even address your subscribers by their nickname! When you’re at that point, things are going smoothly!

2. Pertinent for the whole industry

Regardless of your company’s sector, email marketing has a place in your strategy. Our experts make sure to create pertinent content for your business and your clients. We’ll find the right email for you!

3. Transparency and training

We uphold transparency through our expertise in data analysis, which allows you to understand your results and optimize your next campaigns!

Some frequently asked questions

Our answers to your questions.

How can I ensure that my clients will read my emails?

To increase your click ratio on your emails, we recommend using a catchy title that is coherent with your branding. Leave it to us, we’ve got this!

How can I prevent my emails from ending up in the spam folder?

Oh boy! Great question! Some good practices to prevent this include avoiding excessive punctuation and use of capital letters in your titles. Basically, if your title resembles !!!SPAM!!!, you’re going straight to the spam folder!

How can I know if my title works?

That is why you must A/B test them! We’ll tell you how to send your emails by using varied titles: that way, you can keep only the title yielding the best results! This also allows you to learn more about your clients’ tastes. Very useful!

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