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How can you make sure you’re creating ads that’ll speak to your clients?

Get inspired by the pages they visit! In other words: do remarketing!

One crucial element of improving conversion is to master the customer journey of your “warm” audience. One of the best ways to do this is by using remarketing. Remarketing is simply the idea of using your visitors’ navigation history (their cookies) to send them customized ads when they leave your website or your ad. A good remarketing strategy can have a powerful effect on a website’s global conversion rate.

Multiply your clients’ purchase opportunities

By implementing a remarketing plan, you ensure your offers will be shown more than once to your potential clients and in more than one place on the Web. Thanks to this variation in the time and place of these ads, your potential clients get the impression of remembering your offers, which makes them more inclined to click on your second ads, shown through remarketing. It goes without saying that more click opportunities mean more purchase opportunities!

A multiplatform option with a long reach

Remarketing allows you to show your ads to your potential clients on many different platforms, like their cell phones or computers, for example. It’s a marketing option with a powerful reach and a very interesting ROI. What’s more, Click’s experts are able to set up your remarketing options in an optimal way! Trust us, we’ll offer you the best remarketing experience possible!

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As soon as your visitors finish visiting your website and leave it, they don’t hear anything about your solutions anymore. Therefore, they end up forgetting the existence of those solutions.


After having visited your website, your visitors go on other sites and start to forget your solutions. Then, boom! A remarketing ad appears in their search engine, reminding them of the quality of your solutions and bringing them to click and get to your purchase page! That is the beauty of remarketing!

Still not convinced?

The Click & Mortar way

A formula that works for all types of businesses!

1. Technological expertise

Our experts program remarketing campaigns in their sleep. Imagine what they can do for you when they’re awake!

2. Constant Optimization

With your ads’ performance data always close at hand, our team makes sure to constantly offer you the best remarketing possible!

3. Transparency and training

You’ll be able to take part in the creation process of your ads from beginning to end! That way, the only surprise you’ll have is how incredibly well your ads will perform!

Some frequently asked questions

Our answers to your questions.

Can I control the appearance of remarketing ads, or is it generated automatically?

Yes, you control the entire appearance! In fact, you have control on the visual and textual aspects of ads, and you can even make remarketing videos!

How do you calculate the ROI of remarketing?

Each remarketing campaign has its own tracking: we can follow the sales generated by each ad version, down to the dollar!

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