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Between tracking and dashboarding, data analysis is the crucial step of assessing your results

Let the magicians of Click take care of it!

The advantage of working in the digital world is that everything is measurable: whether you’re on a website, a search engine or a platform, data abounds! However, this abundance can become a source of confusion or even of indecision if you don’t know how to analyze that data. Rest easy: that’s where we come in! After having done some tracking on the metrics related to your business objectives, it’s time to leave the stage to the magic of web analytics!

We analyze trends instead of absolute data

Concluding that you’ve made 50 000 sales is not useful information in itself. However, this information becomes useful if we’re able to compare it with your previous results and your sales predictions to be able to understand what is the dominant trend in your sales.Then, by researching the source of your trends, we’re able to give you solutions to repair the situation or to optimize it, depending on the case.

We segment your visitors

Thanks to Google Analytics, we’re able to segment your visitors according to their origin (for example, knowing if they come from Google or from a domain), their interests (have they bought a Star Wars figurine recently?), their demographics (age, language, etc.) and their purchase behaviors (objectives vs completed purchases). This segmentation then becomes an extremely important tool to plan your next marketing campaigns!

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You’re completely buried under the great quantity of data obtained by your tracking: a KPI? What’s that?


Simply by calling upon Click, the data that was causing you anxiety has become a source of confidence for you. Now, you know exactly where you’re going!

Still not convinced?

The Click & Mortar way

A formula that works for all types of businesses!

1. Technological expertise

Our experts are so familiar with Google Analytics that they carry out trend analyses as they wake up in the morning, just for fun!

2. Marketing wisdom

In addition to mastering the required tools to carry out a data analysis, our team is able to interpret your data according to what’s useful in marketing.

3. Transparency and training

The final result of our data analysis is an incredibly interactive dashboard! We’ve even written a page just on that, go read it!

The billion-dollar question

And our 2-billion dollar answer!

Can the data analysis also be done independently of tracking and dashboarding?

Yes. It’s a much more exhaustive analysis of the available data to help us better predict and improve the future.

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