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UX Audit

Are you under the impression that your website is harder to use than you'd like?

No need to worry: Click is there to provide you with solutions!

The ultimate goal of UX (for User Experience) optimization is that your visitors get to the right place at the right time on your website, without them even realizing that’s the objective. Of course, in marketing, the right place is whichever button leads to conversions for you! An easy and fluid navigation, pages that load fast: these are good bases to realize your UX objectives.

Click’s UX audit: to help you aim higher

When we do a UX audit for you, we don’t do it in half-measures! We start by performing a quantitative analysis of your website’s health: to achieve this, we use UX tools to compare your UX navigation norms with those of your industry. Then, for the qualitative analysis, we use a panel of testers to obtain observations about your website’s UX. We also use specialized tools to produce heat cards which indicate exactly what your clients’ trajectory is on your website. Finally, we compare your design with that of your competitors.

Optimization checklist

Once the UX audit is complete, we provide you with a UX optimization checklist to apply, which is divided in priorities and separated in phases going from micro to macro objectives. Applying this checklist is your road to success!

Our services

We’re a hardworking team obsessed with fulfilling our clients’ objectives using our contagious energy!


Your visitors are so confused by your website’s design that even if they go there to buy, they get lost three times in your “Our History” section before seeing an “add to cart” button!


Once our recommendations are integrated in your website, your clients come on your site just for the pleasure of the experience. Great art critics even want to have your welcome page exhibited in museums!

Still not convinced?

The Click & Mortar way

A formula that works for all types of businesses!

1. Proven method

Our 3-step UX audit method has made many people happy! With quantitative and qualitative analyses and a final checklist, you’ll be ready to transform your website into a conversion machine!

2. We optimize your ROI

With a UX-optimized website, your revenues will also be optimized fairly quickly. Let our experts guide you towards that objective!

3. We improve your clients’ satisfaction

Clients who are satisfied with their purchase experience will recommend your services to their close ones, especially if your website is nice to show people!

Some frequently asked questions

Our answers to your questions.

Can I ask for only the parts of the audit which I want, or do I have to take all of them?

You know your needs better than we do, so feel free to order exactly what you want! We’ll serve you like they would in a 3 Michelin stars restaurant!

How will you measure the ROI of my UX optimization?

We’ll evaluate the KPIs of the old version of your website in parallel with the improved one. No one wins when people start comparing: except your new website, that is!

Will I be able to apply the checklist recommendations myself, or only with another expert?

Depending on the recommendations, they can be addressed to different parties. However, we’re clever enough to understand your different team members and address our advice to the right people. We consider ourselves the cupids of UX!

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