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You can't buy loyalty.

Still, it pays a lot!

Ensuring your clients’ loyalty is a powerful way to also ensure your growth. What’s less certain is: what’s the way to do it? At Click, we have many techniques to ensure your clients’ loyalty, but they all follow one precise theme: your presence. We believe it’s by giving your clients the feeling of being present for them, be it by offering them customized offers, by answering their questions or by aligning your values with theirs, that you’ll give them the desire to become loyal to your brand.



Email Marketing 

We know, we know, no one likes spam! However, getting a quality newsletter can also be a gratifying experience for a client: it shows them that you’re thinking about them. Even better, you can send them a customized newsletter to explain that not only do you think about them, but you also know their tastes and needs as a consumer. Such newsletters have the effect of humanizing your image among your clients: in such conditions, your clients will be much more inclined to become loyal to your brand.



Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the most beautiful invention inspired by laziness since dishwashers. The idea is to create content once (emails or ads) and to automate the delivery of this content according to precise trigger events (add to cart, click on a button,…). With such a methodology, you’ll be able to generate client loyalty on autopilot!



Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM consists in valuing your clients more by using their data about their experience with your company to customize the service you offer them. It’s like meeting a childhood friend and realizing that after all this time, you still remember the things you had in common! A CRM allows you to approximate this kind of feeling for a client by making them live an experience that takes into account their history with your company. Of course, the more you make your clients feel that you’re accompanying them on their customer journey, the more they’ll want to prolong that journey with you. In other words, the more your clients realize that you’re taking note of their loyalty and valuing it, the more they’ll want to extend that loyalty. That’s the magic of CRM!



Chatbot Messenger

What if you could obtain open rates of 96% on your emails: would you do it? That’s the current open rate of mass sendings via Facebook Messenger. But beware! With great power comes great responsibility, like that of avoiding being “spammy”. Instead, it’s better to deliver a fun Chatbot experience that’ll create word-of-mouth for you.

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