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Stuck on page 6 of Google?

It’s about time you called us in!

It won’t help to panic or lose sleep over the situation: the first step to get out of it is for us to undertake an SEO audit for you. An SEO audit is an analysis of your situation which allows us to diagnose your current SEO as well as the UX (user experience) of your solution. The audit is especially useful for elaborating a customized game plan which will allow you to know where to orient yourself. With the audit to guide you, you’ll finally be able to surpass the competition to ascend to the top of the list! Our team can take care of applying some recommendations and even follow up on the evolution of your Web platform’s SEO when taking into account your competition and some specific preselected keywords. This follow-up will make it possible for you to see what works well month after month, and to detect new threats or opportunities in your industry!

If you had your SEO audit from C&M

Undertaking the application step with our experts means we know exactly what to do and how to do it. Letting us apply what we’ve designed will save you time and resources, in addition to getting you regular optimizations!

If you haven’t had your SEO audit from us

If you’ve already applied certain tactics and would like to reevaluate your current SEO strategy, our experts can advise you and do the necessary modifications. However, it would be optimal to leave the strategy in our hands from beginning to end, both to make sure it’s fully coherent and to save you time.

Our services

We’re a hardworking team obsessed with fulfilling our clients’ objectives using our contagious energy!


Your website is stranded on page 6 of Google and you’re trying your best to bring it back to civilisation.


Our experts will apply all their knowledge to get you out of the dark side of the biggest search engine! Prepare to become a star!

Are you curious yet?

The Click & Mortar way

A formula that works for all types of businesses!

1. Constant Optimization

Once all the tactics are in place, our experts follow up on them and constantly optimize them!

2. Complete Action Plan

With our experts, your SEO strategy will integrate all the strategies and tactics that exist! Lose the feeling of missing opportunities.

3. Transparency and training

Not only do we apply the most innovative tactics, but we also make sure you understand. This means we accompany you throughout your SEO journey.

Some frequently asked questions

Our answers to your questions.

Why invest in SEO?

91% of clicks on Google are made on the first page of search results. Your visibility on Google is therefore essential in order for your prospects to find you. Also, it’s possible to do local SEO, which will improve your positioning in search engines to better reach people who are interested in your location or who are close to you. By investing in SEO, you’ll finally stop being invisible in Google’s eyes!

Should I absolutely have my audit done at Click & Mortar before applying a strategy?

The audit step is essential, but it’s not necessary to have it done by us. However, we strongly recommend to our clients to leave the entirety of the process in our hands in order to get a thorough SEO strategy that’s specific to your needs and coherent from beginning to end!

How will you measure my ROI?

Great question! In fact, it’s impossible to measure the exact ROI of an SEO strategy. Its effects are visible after at least one month, via the increase of traffic on the website and the improvement of the website’s positioning on search engines. This traffic increase will inevitably generate revenues, but the exact ROI won’t be measurable! That’s not our fault, promise!

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