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Digital Marketing
Training for Businesses

To conquer the 2020s, one needs to speak their language fluently.

Offer your company the Click & Mortar digital marketing training and quickly master the ins and outs of powerful online campaigns: social media, search engines, SEO, email marketing, SMM, SEA, Google Ads – and more. These tools no longer hold any secrets for us. Thanks to Click & Mortar’s digital training, soon it will be the same for you too.

A Popular Web
Marketing Training

While online marketing may seem complicated to certain people, at Click & Mortar we certainly are not those certain people. But there’s one thing we’re certain about – we can teach your company how to navigate the digital world. That’s what we have done with a plethora of small, medium, and large companies in Quebec and elsewhere – the Devimcos, Sobeys, and BMRs of the world.

Digital Pedagogy
in Action

At Click, we believe in pedagogy as much as we believe in digital marketing – that is to say, a lot. Founded by two professors at HEC, the agency has close ties with several prestigious educational institutions in the province – the School of Directors at HEC and the School of Entrepreneurs of Quebec, notably. Today, a large part of our business strategy is anchored in active and continuous teaching.

The Click & Mortar
Web Marketing Training

Our training programs offer the skills possessed by our ideal clients: strong digital literacy, knowledge of online marketing tools, and the necessary know-how to develop a critical mindset in the tumultuous world of web marketing. These assets alone help a company not only become more competitive: it also often leads to real marketing fireworks. How? Well, by collaborating more actively with experts – us, for instance – who support you with your online marketing.

Think about it: to help your doctor make an informed diagnosis, it helps if you have a basic understanding of anatomy, doesn’t it?

The Content of the Training

Our training programs, although unique to each company,
are supported by three fundamental pillars:


The essential philosophy of digital marketing.


Its role in the online customer journey.


The infinite and essential power of data in customer conversion.

The content of our customized training includes dynamic lectures with small groups and a host of workshops. We explore the world of web analytics and its main tool, Google Analytics, an absolute essential of online marketing. We dive into the incredible marketing potential of major platforms – Google, Meta, and others as well – and explore their unique attributes.

And since several studies demonstrate that we learn better when an exam closes the learning process, we’ll tell you right now: there is an exam at the end of the training. The passing grade is to have learned something crucial to your work. In other words, no one has ever failed.

Digital Coaching

We firmly believe that digital coaching should be personalized to the company that receives it. We don’t want to help a company like yours: we want to help your company be like no other – your company is unique, and so should the digital training it receives.

On the other hand, several companies offer digital marketing training without working in the field themselves. In contrast, the marketing professionals – and university professors – at Click & Mortar live and breathe in the great arena of the digital world every day (even on Sundays: the internet isn’t known to sleep). If experience counts for something, count on us to have plenty of that.

Are you curious yet?

A Unique Digital
Training in Quebec

Our agency works with diverse businesses from here and elsewhere, which gives us acute expertise in many sectors – chances are we’ve helped the digital marketing of a company in your domain before. In short, we teach what we know for having practiced it so much. Would you prefer your cardiologist to have been trained by experienced surgeons, or by a nurse who has listened to a couple of podcasts on cardiac health? We pose the question because after all, at the heart of your success lies healthy web marketing.

Our clients are family

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