Wellington sur le Bassin

As a real estate development leader in Quebec, Groupe Devimco has been designing and creating unique and mixed-use living environments for over 25 years.

Wellington sur le Bassin enjoys a privileged location. Built on Wellington Street, its spectacular panoramic views offer its distinguished clientele an exceptional living space.

"I really feel that Click & Mortar supports us and guides us throughout our various challenges as though they are their own. They drive us to innovate and become a digital leader within our industry."

- Mylène Leblanc

Marketing & Communications Strategist, Groupe Devimco



Succeeding in digitally supporting Wellington sur le Bassin in its quest for potential (and above all, qualified) condominium buyers, within a fiercely competitive real estate market.



Strategically disperse our online advertising and organic efforts as to feature at each level of the conversion funnel while proactively optimizing our campaigns by leveraging available data.



The condominium sales target was reached several months ahead of deadline thanks to the targeting of a volume of qualified potential buyers that exceeded expectations.

*Brand image conceived by Bivouac Studio

An interdepartemental

The Wellington sur le Bassin project is an excellent example of interdepartmental cooperation within Click & Mortar. We had a chance to develop a technical implementation plan as well as optimize the campaigns within various platforms while developing the creative aspect of the ads through graphic design and copywriting.

Close to 8500 forms were completed by potential buyers in 2021.