Recently acquired by Wallenius Wilhelmsen, international leader in automotive logistics, Syngin Technology was created in 2004 by transport experts of end-of-lease vehicles. Its purpose is to organize and facilitate the transport of vehicles across North America for all types of clients: remarketing specialists, fleet managers, OEMs, etc.

With Syngin, our main objective was to recruit new automotive carriers throughout their different American markets.

“What we appreciate with the Click team is their depth of knowledge when it comes to digital tools and their exceptional service which they joyfully provide without fail.”

- Thomas Fabri

Head of Marketing, Syngin Technology



Help Syngin recruit carriers with the right qualifications and requirements in order to grow its network. 



Firstly, we deployed our creative resources in order to develop a landing page specifically dedicated to the purpose of recruiting carriers. From there, we launched digital advertising campaigns which led to this new landing page.




By promoting from both our Creative and Performance teams, we were able to optimize our advertising and organic efforts on the web which enabled us to not only achieve but exceed our goals.

An interdepartmental

The Syngin project is an excellent example of interdepartmental cooperation within Click & Mortar. Our creative efforts worked towards increasing brand awareness and our efforts in performance worked towards exceeding our acquisitions goals. This goes to show that when our different fields of expertise work together, that’s when the magic happens.

We saw a 46% increase in website sessions all sources combined. Visits to the Careers page more than doubled (+104%) thanks to these digital offensives.