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About us


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How it all started

Three students meet in an e-commerce course and, one month later, start their own online marketing agency. Is it a new Disney fairytale? Nope, it is rather the story of Click & Mortar! One year after it was founded, our all-stars team has worked with more that 55 businesses and has developed it's own Web marketing methodology.

What we realized

We entered the market with the enthusiasm and innocence of our youth. We were quickly hit by the distrust in the Web industry, mostly due to the dishonesty and the lack of transparency of some players. The world of online marketing is complex, and we'd rather explain it to our customers than use it to make short term profits.

Our values

The offer we make through our Web site demonstrates our commitment to ensure integrity. Our clients' success arises from education and collaboration, otherwise our pioneering methods would be ineffective. Every business should be able to taste Web's real potential, but more than everything, every business should understand Web's resources to realize it's potential!

Our future

We want to make Quebec the world's centre of online marketing, for both it's experts and for the businesses who lead their clients by example. Our vision of the future is a collective ascension. The only question now is : Are you in?

Wow, we are already quite intimate!