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A Digital Era Offsite


Where did the term come from?

The very first time we organized an offsite as a digital marketing agency, our goal was to hike up to the top of Mont Bromont at dawn to go over our finances and look toward the future of our business as the sun rose. In other words, look over the horizon.

However, having celebrated a little too heavily the night before, we ended up climbing only half the mountain, many hours after sunrise, but eventually went over our past quarter.


Back to an in-person Horizon

In August 2022, we had the opportunity to experience a very special Horizon. That is, an in-person event with the whole team together for the first time in just over two years.

Indeed, due to the pandemic, we had to go through the last 10 Horizons virtually. During this period, we practically doubled the size of the agency, so we figured why not take advantage of the opportunity to celebrate all together where it all began: in Bromont!


Workshop #1 : Let’s Talk Numbers

The first part of the day is an opportunity for us to go over the previous quarter and discuss numbers and finances. We are extremely transparent with how everything is going at the agency. We openly discuss finances, agency and team margins, and agree on what steps are needed to achieve our quarterly objectives.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Alright, but spending a morning talking about numbers, isn’t that boring?”

Well, if you were to ask Gen, Creativity Director at Click & Mortar, the answer would be no.

As someone that takes the time to travel from Quebec City to join the team in person (because, sure, assisting virtually is still an option), going over numbers allows us to revisit the recently travelled path and get a glimpse of what’s coming in terms of projects. Let’s not kid ourselves, though. Oli’s showmanship and Gab’s God-given talents as an MC make things really interesting!


Workshop #2 : A Business Case

According to Alex, the afternoon’s workshop is always the spiciest.

The team is put to the task through a fictional client scenario. In this case: how to react and manage client dissatisfaction.

The goal here is to offer real-life situations. By involving everyone and allowing team members to practise and develop important skills, we can optimize the service we offer our clients. Ultimately, we can put our learnings from the last six years to good use by sharing them with each member of the team.


To conclude : Happy Hour

We usually cap off the day with a classic team happy hour.

Horizon makes us realize and appreciate how great our team is and how everything is possible when everyone is on the same page and works toward the same goal.

When people are involved, able to put solutions together, and empowered to execute by developing their entrepreneurial skills, it allows everyone to grow together and fosters an amazing team dynamic.

In any case, it’s fair to say that the sun is still rising over the horizon for Click & Mortar.

If you’re looking to join or work with a team that values regularly taking stock of its finances, its objectives, and its capabilities, reach out to us!

We’d be happy to chat!

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