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We all remember where we were when the government announcements started coming out in March 2020 telling everyone that working from home was becoming mandatory.

At the time, Click was even looking for new offices. But no, we had to quickly gather our computer screens, keryboards, mice, office chairs : ultimately, everything we needed to be able to work remotely.

“If we’re lucky, we’ll flatten the curve and we’ll be back here in a month”, we’d said. LOL.


Unprecedented Times Globally, Unprecedented Times at Click

The pandemic was a catalyst to many things including the existing desire to work from home. You know, why would one want to wake up early in the morning during winter only to get stuck in traffic or to spend an hour trying to find parking near the office? Why not work remotely instead?
For our colleagues, we seemingly needed to be together to help move our projects along. Our clients wanted us to meet in the office for face-to-face strategizing.
All in all, the pandemic forced us to optimize our processes in order to work with the most impact not only from home, but from anywhere.


Post-Covid Reality

Today, we understand that it’s only about 10% of people that actually want to be at the office full-time. Not only that, but we also understand that everyone works differently and has their own little way of being 100% productive.

For us, the key soon became flexibility.


Hybrid Work

Since the grand reopening, what seemed unimaginable at the start of 2020 has now become reality: the possibility of full-time hybrid work.

Working from home, sure it has its perks, but it isn’t for everyone necessarily. For those that need a physical team dynamic; whether it be coffee breaks, lunches together, etc., to get their best work done, something was clearly missing.

Click, therefore, set up a pilot project to find new office spaces. Employees were surveyed to better understand what they wanted and needed from a work space.

Once the pilot project was in place, we continued trying to find better ways to improve our hybrid work formula. In other words, how could we take into account the interests, wants, and needs of our teammates in order to fully optimize the employee experience.

This remains a work in progress!


What’s next?

Never would we force anyone to come back to the office full-time, especially having proved since mid-2020 that it’s possible to work with impact remotely: work from home, hybrid work, office, everyone has their preferences.

As an agency that isn’t afraid to reinvent itself, we went back to the drawing board to help our generation, the entrepreneurs of the digital age, live and work outside of the limitations that have been imposed following 100 years of industrialization.

Do we know what the future will look like? Of course not. One thing is for sure though, we’re going to have a ton of fun figuring it all out.

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