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Identity Change


That’s right, the days of Click & Mortar’s bright faded turquoise are over. 

Sure, the funeral was touching – a reminder of what once was but will forever be with us. 

Now, don’t worry: we’re not just writing this to fill you in on our new color pallet, because in truth, we’re not just going from a #259C9F to a #1D4188.

Instead, we’re going through a complete identity change. 

Our service offering is evolving. 

The Origins of Change: a Step Towards Realizing our Vision



Evolve, sure, but how? Are we talking about advertising for sporting events in the metaverse? Distributing flyers in subway stairs?

At Click, our vision has always been to be the partner that provides the biggest added value to our clients. Driven by this desire, and having been in the digital jungle for a few years now, we’ve seen the gaps that need to be filled within the industry. 

The truth is, digital marketing agencies tend to solely focus on the implementation and optimization of ads. However, they forget or perhaps underestimate the importance of creativity (copywriting and graphic design) and high level data processing in their offering. It is thus with these two areas in mind that we have structured our new service offering. 

We’ve made it our mission to combine performance and digital creativity while basing our decision-making on cold hard data. That’s right, we’ve introduced the holy trinity of digital marketing.

Departments That Reflect Their Expertise



Our new structure revolves around three newly created departments:

  • The Performance Department which focuses on – you guessed it – the optimization of the campaigns performance;
  • The Creativity Department which focuses on the creative elements of campaigns (i.e. graphic design and copywriting);
  • The Data Science Department which focuses on projects related to the analysis and engineering of business data.


This new structure will facilitate constant innovation and allow us to continuously evolve and improve our way of doing things. 


Would you look at that? We were able to include the words “constant innovation” in this article – that’s half of our annual goal right there!


Having new departments is nice, but we also need new people! That’s why our restructuring was supported by a hiring wave to staff Click’s new Creativity and Data Science departments. For example, we’ve got Luis (Data Scientist) as a new member on the Data Science team and Laurie-Anne (Graphic Designer) on the Creativity team.

With this new structure and these new teams, we are ready to finally bring more added value to our clients than ever before. Check it out: we’re such a pretty bunch.

The Future of Click


Actually, you can see what our new team and new branding looks like in our video: :

Please note that we strongly discourage coffee consumption while watching this video since your overall energy levels may rise significantly upon viewing.


The Click Team

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