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At first hired to handle client accounts, Rehka quickly stood out as our Quarterly Star and has become one of Click’s best internal assets!

Here is her story:


Thom : How did you discover marketing as a vocation?

Rehka : To be honest, my plan often changed even while I was in school. At first, I was interested in Health Sciences but also the human side of things. In marketing, I really enjoyed analyzing how businesses were run, and understanding the strategy behind it all.

What I enjoyed most though, was organizing events. I’ve always been interested in it. I’m someone who is sociable and enjoys human interaction so this was a coming-together of a few passions of mine because in event marketing, we’re oftentimes working with different people.

I started thinking about marketing as a vocation in university. I had begun my studies in Accounting but realized it wasn’t for me. I then switched to an HR profile, because to be honest, I didn’t know what to choose. After I switched, I realized that I was enjoying my marketing courses the most so I switched again: this time to Marketing. I absolutely loved it! All the courses I ended up taking had an event planning, human relations, and strategy component to them.

My journey has been atypical and somewhat of a roller coaster in the beginning!

Through my experiences in marketing, I slowly got into the digital side of things. I knew that it was the way of the future too, so I decided to undertake a DESS in E-Commerce. Now here I am working for a digital marketing agency!

T : I think we’re all happy that you are!

R : Thank you, thank you. I’m also super happy to be part of the team here at Click!

T : So to that point: what’s the story of how you joined Click?

R : I went to university with Alex where we met while completing our Bachelor Degrees. One day Alex (Alex Bigras-Lauzon., Associate & Performance Director) told me that he was now at Click & Mortar and absolutely loving it! He said that if ever they were looking for anyone, he’d let me know.

I wasn’t necessarily looking for anything at the time because I had just started my internship but I started becoming more drawn to the digital aspect and I was told that they were maybe looking for an intern for the upcoming summer and was encouraged to apply.

As you know, timing is everything. The first time I applied was for a Summer 2018 internship but it didn’t work out, then. Click was growing quickly but couldn’t justify a summer internship – timing!

From there, I was called in the Fall for a full time role. At that time, however, I was starting my DESS. I didn’t have time for a full time role as I’d be in class 4 days a week!

I did my DESS in 8 months and reached out to Gab to let him know that I was done with school and to ask him to let me know if ever they had any openings in the Fall. I had been through the interview process before starting my DESS and everything went really well. We had clicked, it had been easy. I thought the team looked really nice!

Ultimately, in January of 2020, Gab got in touch with me. He told me they actually had an internship opportunity for me! I didn’t have to go through the interview process again. So I started March 1st of 2020 full time. It took almost two years to finally get in, but it worked out in the end!

T : Wow!

R : Yeah, either it worked for me and not them or vice versa… but I never gave up!

T : I’m really happy to have you as part of the team! My next question is: what aspect of your work are you most passionate about?

R : So I’ve just recently changed jobs this past year. I started as an intern. Then, I took on a Digital Marketing Analyst role before taking on my current role as Head of Finance, Talent and Culture!

I’m in charge of HR, recruiting, Finance, and of course, everything to do with business culture. The thing I love most about my job, I’d say, is the human aspect but I’m someone who is super structured and organized and I love that my job allows me to thrive in that respect.

Also, I love helping and working with people. I’m an empathetic person who always looks out for other people – perhaps even before myself. I really enjoy the human side combined with the management and the organization aspects.

Being able to contribute internally to our growth is so cool. I absolutely love it! We’ve got so many projects coming up: it’s super exciting!

When I started at Click, we were 13 employees. We’ve doubled our staff since then. I think we’re 25 altogether now. Seeing the growth, where we’ve come from and what we’ve done is really cool!

T : Totally! Now, moving on to an important question: what has been your experience as a woman in this industry?

R : As we’re still working remotely, I haven’t really felt it yet. That being said, I believe it’s a privilege, wherever you are, to have a job that you love and where you’re happy with your work environment and salary. It’s a privilege to have that opportunity. Personally, I’m enjoying it so far but I don’t feel like I have enough experience to give you a more detailed and in-depth answer.

T : Well that in itself is a lovely answer.

R : I think that being well surrounded like I am at Click makes everything so much easier. I’m loving every minute of it. To think that I was given an opportunity in HR without necessarily having the necessary background for it, I really appreciate it and it’s been fun!

T : If you had one wish over the next 5-10 years, what would it be?

R : I’d wish to be able to continue to grow and blossom through experiences, whether that be personal or professional. I want to be able to follow my gut and let my values and principles guide me.

I think that’s super important: I’m sure everyone has gone through a bad experience that we’ve since tried to avoid all because we didn’t listen to ourselves enough. I think it’s so important to listen to your gut and to follow your values, convictions, and ambitions – both on a personal and professional level.

T : Wow, talk about a life philosophy, I love it! Thank you so much, Rehka!

R : My pleasure! Thank you!

Are you looking for a career that positively stands out like Rehka’s? Applying with us, us is step one!

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