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Facebook Ads


Why advertise on Facebook?

The reasons why you should invest on Facebook.

Did you know that in most cases only 5 to 10% of subscribers to your page will see your posts in their news feed?


The platform has a fairly powerful algorithm, which is constantly evolving. It’s this algorithm, named Edge Rank, that decides what is in your news feed.

So, basically, the good practices on the platform are constantly evolving and your organic publications are reaching fewer and fewer people.

So, if you want to optimize your efforts, it’s worth investing in advertising. In addition to being able to show your ads on Instagram, you will reach way more users, faster.

The icing on the cake: it’s possible to reach your target audience in an ultra precise way. Want to target Celine Dion’s fans, traveling in China, who are used to buy online?


Amazing isn’t it?

But, remember, it’s really important to adopt the right strategies to optimize your ads, maximize your ROI and achieve real actionable goals. This is where Click & Mortar comes in.

You will rule social media in no time, Facebook and Instagram will be yours!

The Click & Mortar difference

A hard-working team with contagious dynamism, obsessed with delivering results for its clients!
Before Click & Mortar

Advertising on Facebook can be ineffective and complicated if it’s not done well. Our team of experts analyzes your situation to prepare a solution adapted to your needs.

After Click & Mortar

Our team will develop and optimize your campaigns to reach the right people at the right moment. Let us help you stand out among photos of babies and cats!

Still not convinced?

The Click & Mortar Recipe

A formula adapted to all types of businesses, from SMEs to big companies!
Cancel at any time

Not pleased with the results? You can cancel your package at any time with a 30 days notice. Even if our complaints office is always empty!

Only the cream of the crop

Digital Marketing is constantly evolving. That’s why we make sure to stay up to date with industry best practices, strategies and techniques.

Transparency and training

Transparency is really important to us. We use fully interactive dashboards that allow you to visualize and understand the results of our work. 

It will click between us

Meet our wonderful team.



Hard Work




Our Clients, our Family

Already more than 55 satisfied customers. Join our family!
Elon MuskCEO @ Tesla, SpaceX

The first agency I will send to Mars.

Albert EinsteinNobel Recipient

IF E = MC2, conversions = Click & Mortar

Mark ZuckerbergCEO @ Facebook

Sometimes I wonder if it's Click & Mortar that coded my algorithms.

ElevenÉtudiante @ Hawkins Middle School

Click & Mortar is the only agency that does not make my nose bleed!

Some FAQ

Our answers to your questions.

How will you measure my Return on Investment?

It’s very easy to evaluate the ROI of your Facebook Ads campaign. (Sales from your ads – Advertising expenses) / Advertising expenses

As a customer, how should I get involved in the process of developing a campaign?

At Click & Mortar, we adapt according to your needs and industry. We could set up a campaign strategy from A to Z, just as we could let you control some aspects of the campaign. For example, do you want to develop a campaign strategy using the works of your designers? No problem! In any case, we work together to achieve your goals.

What is the Facebook pixel?

This is a camera designed by Facebook … No … We’re kidding! Seriously, the Facebook pixel is a script to insert on your website, that keeps track of the users who navigate on your website. The pixel allows you to create advertising campaigns targeted to your website visitors, you can even choose specific pages. In our Digital Marketing language, it’s called remarketing. Also, the Facebook pixel facilitates the measurement of results, all in real time!

Can I run my ad on Instagram even if my company does not have an account on the platform?

You must have an Instagram page to advertise on the platform. But … Good news! Sign up takes almost 0.001 seconds.

What is the turnaround time to launch my new campaigns?

For a Geek package, the first month is for the creation of the campaign. Your advertising campaign will be launched in the second month. For a custom made package, the turnaround time can be adjust according to your needs!

How and when will I be charged?

Our pricing is automatically billed each month on the day of the first payment. You will have peace of mind. No more stress. You can always cancel your agreement with a 30 days notice.

Need advice?

Our Digital marketing experts are ready to help your business!

Need advice?

Our Digital marketing experts are ready to help your business!